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      1. Yum reducer, called the taixing city yum reducer co., LTD., is located in taixing city on the Banks of the Yangtze river, shanghai-nanjing high-speed, high-speed ningtong expressway in the east, the west nanjing lukou airport, the running of the bulls in changzhou airport in the south, north of taizhou young Thai airport, wuxi airport.lt airport in the east, south of jiangyin bridge, the transportation is convenient, logistics flow, has a unique geographical advantage. Since it was founded in 2009, has been committed to decelerate machine production, adhere to the "create value for customers is our request" the mechanical concept, to "build taixing reducer industry, build taixing reducer brand" as own duty, in order to "based on taixing, radiation of the central plains, services across the country, famous the world" as a strategic goal, makes the reducer brand.

        We will follow our consistent quality commitment, service commitment and credibility commitment, to create value for customers as our pursuit! Taixing Baisheng reducer Co., LTD warmly welcome leaders from all walks of life, the majority of customers to visit our company to negotiate business guidance, trade cooperation.

        Taixing Baisheng reducer Co., Ltd. has rich production experience, strong technical force, advanced testing equipment, the company's products are stable, reliable quality, the company's main products are ZQ.ZQD.ZL.ZS. Zsc.zscd. Cylindrical gear reducer. ZDY, ZLY, ZSY, DBYDCY hard surface reducer, NGW (NGW-S, NGW-L), NAD (NBD, NCD), NAF (NBF, NCF), TX series planetary gear reducer, BW (BWY, BL, BLY), X series cycloid pin gear reducer, ZJ, ZJY series shaft mounted reducer, TCJ series gear reducer, and TDY75, JBT (YBT, WBT, YDT, JDT) φ200-φ1000 oil-cooled, oil-immersed, externally mounted, plastic electric roller. And undertake all kinds of non-standard reducer design, production.

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